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Kinetica Joins AGL
Ken Wattana

Accelerating Connected Car Development with Automotive Grade Linux

I’m excited to share that Kinetica’s now a bronze member of Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)! AGL is a collaborative open source project that’s bringing together automakers, suppliers, and technology providers to accelerate development and adoption of connected vehicle services. Members include Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and many other key automotive players. The goal is to develop a new, open platform that can serve as the foundation for developing new features and technologies for the automotive industry.

As part of our membership in AGL, we’ll contribute our expertise in GPU-powered advanced analytics, location intelligence, and machine learning to the global automotive industry. Connected and autonomous cars pose a true extreme data challenge, constantly generating, collecting, and sharing different kinds of data. There’s a growing need for an innovative solution that can help automakers make sense of it all to power next-generation services like in-vehicle personalization and self driving. AGL is a great opportunity for Kinetica to work with industry leaders, solve complex data challenges, and drive the next generation of mobility.

Geospatial data in particular plays a major role in autonomous and connected car use cases. That’s why in addition to joining AGL we’re also releasing a new Mapbox integration to the open source community. It’s called Kickbox.js, a code acceleration library that will help to expedite and simplify the development of custom geospatial web apps. You can find the code on GitHub and watch Kickbox.js in action below, visualizing 28 million data points from Kinetica on a Mapbox map to simulate autonomous vehicle testing and reporting.

Now, with Kickbox.js, organizations in the automotive industry and beyond will have an easy way to get started with location-based analytics and visualization. To learn more about Kickbox.js, check out this blog.

For more on our membership in AGL, check out the press release.

Ken Wattana is Sr. Partner Marketing Manager at Kinetica. You can follow him on Twitter @KenWattana.

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