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Kinetica is a cloud database for fusing data across streams and data lakes to unlock value from spatial and temporal data at scale and speed.

Real-Time Analytic Database

Ingest data in real time at scale and fuse streaming and historical data; then leverage real-time machine learning inferences


Best in Class Location Intelligence and Time Series Analytics

Visualize and interact with billions of data points instantly by combining spatial functions, time series, and graph capabilities

Lowest TCO

Simplify data engineering and get 10x the performance on 1/10th the infrastructure with vectorization


graph engine

  • Fast & Accurate Map Matching
  • Routing and Supply Chain Optimization
  • Query Property Graphs


  • Fast & Accurate Map Matching
  • Routing and Supply Chain Optimization
  • Query Property Graphs

High-speed vectorized
join engine

  • Fast & Accurate Map Matching
  • Routing and Supply Chain Optimization
  • Query Property Graphs

Solving Impossible Problems

Kinetica is trusted for the world's most complex IoT use cases across government, defense, telecommunications, financial services, logistics, and more. Kinetica helps to identify national security threats in real time, model complex disaster risks, proactively predict cyber threats, accelerate the rollout of 5G, enable dynamic supply chains, and beyond.

Public Sector

Act on data in real time to track and detect national security risks and cyber threats, optimize logistics and mobilize supply chains, upgrade infrastructure, and protect public safety and more.


Leverage real-time and predictive analysis to inform network coverage planning, blend large, complex geospatial datasets to dynamically visualize infrastructure at scale, and project ROI with high accuracy across geographies.


Power real-time trade and risk decisioning applications that increase revenue and improve compliance, and modernize and simplify analytics infrastructure to keep up with the speed, scale, and complexity of financial data.


Optimize operations across the logistics network with real-time ingestion, visualization, and analysis of fast-moving data, from vehicle IDs to location, personnel, weather, traffic, and supply and demand data.

Solutions for Every Customer


Whether you're the Chief Data Officer or the VP of Analytics, purchasing data analytics technologies is fraught with risk, from latency to scalability, accuracy to complexity. Choose the right platform.


You're planning for the future evolution of your stack, and your design and investments have to make sense for the long-term stability of your architecture, without locking you in.


Different components lead to complexity. But if you combine capabilities, then you can build and manage data pipelines to get data where it's needed, when it's needed.


Developing analytics applications for data processing, exploration, and visualization should be as fast and easy as possible, so you spend your time writing code, not building data pipelines.


"Kinetica is very impressive. It does what it claims." - InfoWorld

In a recent independent technical review by InfoWorld, The Kinetica Streaming Data Warehouse was recognized for excellence with a rare 4.5-star rating and received the InfoWorld Editor's Choice award. 


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