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Ask Anything

The real-time database platform that leverages generative AI and vectorized processing to let you ask anything of your sensor and machine data.

Conversational Query

Kinetica converts natural language queries to SQL, and returns answers within seconds, even for complex and unknown questions. More »
Kinetica is one of the first database companies to integrate generative AI features within a database

Industry Crushing Performance

Kinetica's native vectorized architecture takes advantage of GPUs and modern CPUs resulting in a force multiplier that delivers huge performance improvements on a smaller compute footprint – which in turn reduces the need for complex data engineering.

Converged Analytics

Kinetica combines time-series, spatial, and graph capabilities into a unified database available through a SQL based & Postgres compatible interface.

Converged Analytics »


Freshest Possible Insights

Kinetica provides the lowest possible latency from the time raw data is created until an answer is returned to an ad-hoc query.

Kinetica for Real-time Analytics »

Do More with Less

Kinetica's innovative architecture is far more powerful than other in-memory databases. This allows you to get away with simpler data structures, which means less time engineering the data, more flexibility for exploring the data, and lower compute costs.

Lower Cost of Ownership »

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Smarter Fleet Management: Real-Time Route Optimization and Alerts with Kinetica Register »

Everything you'd expect in an enterprise database

Write Queries in SQL

Kinetica is ANSI SQL compliant, making temporal and spatial analytics easy to use. SQL Query Support »

Flexible Cloud Deployment Options

Multiple deployment options across AWS, Azure, as a managed service or self-managed

Postgres Compatible

Kinetica connects to a wide range of popular BI tools such as Tableau, Spotfire, PowerBI, ESRI, DBeaver and Grafana for real-time analytics with Postgres Wireline compatibility, or through the ODBC/JDBC connector.

Cell-Level Security

Define dynamic obfuscation, redaction, and access rules down to the column level. Kinetica works with industry standard external authentication and identity systems like LDAP, Active Directory and Kerberos. Security »

Ingest/Egress Universal Formats

Set up continuous data pipelines with Kafka using a simple line of SQL. Or ingest/egress data from, and into, common data formats, including SQL, CSV, Avro, JSON, Parquet and ESRI shapefiles.
Loading Data »

High Availabilty

Kinetica offers node and process failover for in-cluster resiliency, and multiple clusters may be grouped in a ring resiliency to spread data and ensure eventual consistency. High Availability »

Horizontal Scale Out

Work with petabytes of data at speed with Kinetica's memory-first, fully distributed architecture.

REST & Native API's

Data Scientists and Developers can develop sophisticated applications with REST and Native APIs. Language specific APIs are available for C++, C#, Java, Javascript, NodeJS & Python. API Documentation »

Tiered Storage

Kinetica prioritizes and manages data across VRAM, RAM, disk, and cold storage and can create external tables for working with data in HDFS, S3 and Azure.

Easy to Use

Advanced geospatial operations

Work with high-volume streams of time-series data

Native streaming with Kafka

SQL workbooks make it simple to build advanced pipelines

Prebuilt connectors for over 200 data sources

Watch the Video

See what makes Kinetica special in this short video overview

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The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to high-performance real-time analytics is to see it in action.

Contact us, and we'll give you a tour of Kinetica. We can also help you get started using it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.