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Try Kinetica Today

Try the Free Starter Plan on Kinetica Cloud, or download Kinetica Developer Edition onto your local machine. Both allow you to try the essential core functionality of Kinetica, and they come complete with pre-loaded examples and datasets.

Try in the Cloud
Or, Developer Edition Download Instructions below.

Developer Edition - Download Instructions

This free edition can run in a Docker container on your laptop and takes just minutes to set up with these four steps.
  1. Get the Container
    curl -o kinetica && chmod u+x kinetica && ./kinetica start

    Requires Docker with at least 8GB of RAM allocated.

    curl -o kinetica.bat && .\kinetica.bat start

    Requires Docker with at least 8GB of RAM allocated, Windows 10 2017 or later.

    You can also try Kinetica in the cloud with our free Starter Plan. Get your cloud account now.
    curl -o kinetica-gpu && chmod u+x kinetica-gpu && ./kinetica-gpu start

    Requires NVIDIA GPU and Docker with at least 8GB of RAM allocated. See GPU Driver Matrix for supported GPUs.

  2. Start Kinetica

    The kinetica shell script manages your installation, starts, and stops the database.

    Start Kinetica:
    ./kinetica start
    Stop Kinetica:
    ./kinetica stop
    For more commands and configuration options:
     ./kinetica --help
  3. Open Kinetica Admin

    Access localhost:8080/gadmin using your browser to set your password.

  4. Launch Workbench

    Workbench is an interactive notebook environment for querying, analyzing and visualizing your data with SQL. You can launch it via your browser using the following link localhost:8000/workbench/. The default username is admin.

Feature Matrix

How do your deployment options stack up?
  Developer Edition Kinetica Cloud Free Kinetica Cloud Dedicated Managed Service on AWS Enterprise Edition
Licensing Options Free for Personal Development Use Free Pay as you go Pay as you go and Annual Annual License
Time and Space Analytics including 130+ geospatial functions, graph analytics and time series analysis
Real-Time Analysis including simultaneous ingest and query, real-time materialized views and native Kafka integration
Interactive SQL Workbooks with Workbench
Dashboarding with Reveal  
User Defined Functions (UDFs)  
Machine Learning (with your own ML model)    
GPU Acceleration Options    
Multi-node Clusters    
External authentication and authorization
(LDAP, Active Directory, Kerberos)
Full HA Replication        
Data Limits n/a 10GB n/a n/a n/a
Support Levels Basic Support Basic Support Basic Support Basic Support Standard Support (Premium w/Upgrade)

Get a Demo!

The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to large-scale geospatial analytics is to see it in action. Try it with your own data, or contact us and we'll show you real examples with fleshed out datasets.