GPU-accelerated database
for real-time analysis of large and streaming datasets

Kinetica harnesses the power of GPUs for unprecedented performance to ingest, explore and visualize streaming data.

Proven at Enterprise Scale

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GPU hardware acceleration is revolutionizing high performance computing. Kinetica's GPU database is redefining what is possible with big data.

Incredibly Fast

The GPU parallelized processing architecture not only enables near-linear scalability, it also reduces analytical processing times for multi-billion row data sets by more than 100x compared to leading in-memory and analytical databases.

Aggregate Queries Leading In-Memory DB > 50x Slower NoSQL DB’s > 100x Slower Time for an aggregate of queries (s) Less is better!

Use Less Hardware

In the world of big data, processing often becomes the bottleneck. Kinetica's GPU architecture addresses this problem with dramatic efficiency gains. Kinetica customers on average require just 110 of the hardware and 120 of the power.

Kinetica's GPU architecture overcomes the processing bottleneck commonly found with in-memory solutions. <a href="/product/#hardware">More &raquo;</a>
Kinetica's GPU architecture overcomes the processing bottleneck commonly found with in-memory solutions. More »

Ingest from a torrent of data

Stream and analyze data in real time. Kinetica plugs into existing data architectures and can connect to feeds using Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache NiFi and commercial connectors.

No More... Indexing

Kinetica's GPU architecture is well suited to brute force processing of data. Say goodbye to reindexing, partitioning, downsampling and waiting! Kinetica is a SQL-compliant database enabling business users to get to work without learning new languages or constructing new data models.

Dynamic Visualization

Kinetica's visualization tools render large volumes of data on the fly, and are particularly well suited for fast moving, location-based IoT data. You can also connect Kinetica to open source tools such as Kibana and Caravel, or to BI reports and dashboards via ODBC/JDBC.

Developed to meet the intelligence needs of the US Army

Kinetica was built to meet the needs of US Army Intelligence and Security Command—to track and analyze terrorist and other national security threats in real time. The solution was launched within the military in 2012 and was made commercially available in 2014.

It’s literally battle tested.

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Take the Kinetica Challenge!

Sometimes benchmarks and marketing copy can sound too good to be true. The best way to appreciate the possibilities that GPU acceleration brings to large-scale analytics is to try it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.

Contact us, and we'll set you up with a trial environment for you to experience it for yourself.