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Harness the power of GPUs to deliver on the promise of real-time analytics.
100-1,000x faster performance at a fraction of the cost.

Kinetica (formerly GPUdb) exploits the power of massively parallel graphics processing units, GPUs. We’ve developed patented technology that allows us to repurpose GPUs, originally developed to render 3D graphics, to crunch the numbers for complicated analytics and database operations. All of this happens in the cloud, which means you are free to interact with your data on any device you’d like, through a web browser or software plugin, while the GPUs do the heavy lifting. This is particularly useful for data with heavy emphasis on location or geospatial applications.

Other enterprise database providers cannot exploit the physical hardware advantage provided by a GPU which means that they can cost 10x as much and perform about 1/100th as well as Kinetica.

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Kinetica named 2016 IDC HPC Innovation Award Winner

“The HPC Innovation Excellence Awards recognize organizations that have excelled in applying advanced supercomputing technologies to accelerate innovation and generate ROI while benefiting science, engineering, and society at large,” said Kevin Monroe, senior research analyst at IDC. “USPS’ application of Kinetica enhances the quality of service that US citizens receive by giving them a better, more predictable experience sending and receiving mail.”    

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Million taxi cab data points.


Million shipping data points.


Million air traffic data points.


Billion tweets

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Enterprise Solutions

Kinetica is currently solving some of the most challenging Big Data problems across a variety of industries, and is used by a wide range of organizations to help them meet and exceed their business demands. Analytics on large and complex data sets, where speed and flexibility are paramount, is where Kinetica fits best.

Unmatched Performance at Scale

Kinetica makes “real-time” a reality — ingesting large, high velocity data, delivering analytic results, and producing visualizations in milliseconds — that’s 100 to 1,000x faster than alternative solutions.


Embedding GPUs into Kinetica’s architecture means there are 4,000+ cores per device, versus 20 to 40 cores per CPU-based device. This translates into tangible savings: 75 to 90% lower hardware costs on average, and 38x less power and cooling.

Native Geospatial Visualization

Kinetica provides complete geospatial object track type support and a native geospatial visualization rendering engine that, in tandem with its parallel processing analytics capabilities, make it the best modern GIS for use cases where time and location matter. 

The only GPU accelerated OLAP data engine with built in visualization.
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Case Studies


Trusted by Fortune 50 clients.

Kinetica is honored to be working with USPS, INSCOM, PG&E and IronNet. Using the power of thousands of processing cores, we are able to crush the competition when it comes to in-memory data analysis. When you consider the fact that Kinetica has a built in visualization pipeline, it becomes easy to see the ways Kinetica can save you money. Check out our white papers to learn more about our location visualization features and how we compare to traditional databases.

Who Are We?

Kinetica is a fully distributed, in-memory computing platform that harnesses the power of many-core devices called graphics processing units, or GPUs, to deliver speed-of-thought exploration, analytics, and visualizations of large, streaming datasets — commonly known as IoT data.

With the power of many core GPU-based servers, Kinetica delivers exceptional performance improvements for real-time analysis of massive data sets, particularly for geospatial and temporal use cases. GPUs, originally developed to render 3D graphics in devices like mobile phones and game consoles, benefit from a highly parallel architecture which makes them more efficient than general-purpose CPUs. The Kinetica database was designed from the ground up around parallelism, relying on patented technology (Patent US8373710 B1) to repurpose GPUs so the platform can crunch numbers for complicated analytics and database operations with dramatic speed and simplicity. Instead of hours or minutes, advanced analytical queries can be visualized in milliseconds. In addition, the fully integrated visualization engine display changes in real -time as the underlying data changes, making it an ideal solution for data discovery projects. Data in Kinetica is replicated across machines in real time, making it highly available and fault tolerant. And it does this at about one tenth the cost of traditional databases.

Kinetica can be used as a standalone high performance analytical platform for both real-time and historical data, or as a complementary real-time analytics engine within a Hadoop or traditional RDBMS environment. Kinetica can be deployed on premise or in leading cloud environments (Amazon Web Services, or AWS, and Microsoft Azure).

Core Analytical Database

Ingestion handlers and connectors for third party ETL and BI tools, and Apache Hadoop-based platforms

Natural language processing (NLP) free text search

Native Geospatial Visualization Engine

Web-based Administration Console

Passionate About Your Success.

At Kinetica we are passionate about helping companies run their businesses smarter and drive profit by turning data into value at unprecedented speeds. We do this by offering a GPU accelerated in-memory distributed database solution that can ingest streams, process transactions, and perform analytics simultaneously, built from the ground up to offer the highest performance and scalability for in-memory analytics.

Innovative and Disruptive Technology.

Kinetica applies an innovative, patented new concept in database design that puts emphasis on leveraging the growing trend of many-core devices (e.g. GPUs). Developers using the Kinetica API interact with the database using traditional RDBMS idioms; developers also query Kinetica like they would a traditional database with operations like select, group by, and join. Kinetica can be used through its native API or its ODBC connector.

Agile, Flexible and Affordable Solution.

Kinetica makes it simple to benefit from high performance in-memory database technology with an easy migration path, an easy installation process, and a solution that is future-proof. Kinetica brings a fresh, new approach to data analytics by offering the right solution that meets your needs and can be ordered and implemented within days, along with unmatched know-how to help you make the most from data – quickly, affordably, and with ease. Kinetica is the only GPU accelerated in-memory distributed database solution that is designed to scale from commodity hardware and co-exists with your infrastructure.


Amit Vij

Chief Executive Officer

CEO of Kinetica responsible for the vision and making administrative and executive decisions for the company. Background in computer engineering with over a decade of software development experience in the commercial and federal space with an emphasis in analyzing and visualizing big data. Subject matter expert on geospatial intelligence and helped architect Kinetica which is a Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) accelerated distributed database with native geospatial object and rendering support that handles big data.

Amit is also a web entrepreneur, having successfully created and sold a leading consumer website that has been featured in several television news broadcasts and printed publications. Amit received a B.S. In Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park with a concentration in the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics.

Nima Negahban

Chief Technology Officer

Nima has developed innovative big data systems across a wide spectrum of market sectors ranging from bio-technology to high speed trading systems. Nima acted as the core developer and architect of Kinetica working in conjunction with Amit Vij to revolutionize large scale distributed data processing using many core devices. As part of the management team Nima helps define strategic goals, and is actively involved in Kinetica business operations. Nima holds a BS in computer science from the University of Maryland.

Richard Willbrant

Chief Financial Officer

Rick is a senior financial executive with over 35 years of experience serving primarily aerospace, defense and manufacturing companies. Prior to joining Kinetica in 2011, he spent the previous nine years as a Group VP Finance for DRS Technologies, where he helped lead his Group through six-fold growth achieved both organically and via acquisition. Prior to that, for fourteen years, he was the lead financial executive for a leveraged buy-out group, which acquired and operated several manufacturing and defense companies. Rick started his career spending seven years as a CPA with Big 4 accounting firms.

Rick has a BS and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He lives with his wife Karen in Ocala, FL and the Berkshires in MA.

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