Blend Streaming & Historical Data

Location Intelligence

Kinetica brings your geospatial and business data together under one roof. The platform is designed from the ground up to deliver interactive geospatial analysis at unprecedented scale, blending your streaming and historical location-enabled business data on-demand.

Complex Geospatial Operations

Use our robust and GPU-accelerated library of geospatial functions to perform on-demand filtering, aggregation, time-series, geo-join, and geofence analysis on massive streaming and historical geospatial data sets.

Demo: Active Analytics for Catastrophic Event Insurance Analysis

Geospatial Visualization

Display unlimited geometry, heatmaps, and contours, leveraging server-side rendering technology, that enables developers and business analysts to build highly interactive geospatial applications and dashboards.

Geospatial Graph Analytics

Seamlessly use your relational data in a native graph context for understanding geospatial and non-geospatial relationships. Perform real-time route optimization and even social network analysis using our GPU-accelerated graph algorithms.

Demo: Location Intelligence for the Smart City

Geospatial APIs

Enable your developers with native and REST APIs that make it easy to integrate your application with Kinetica. Then connect your application to leading mapping providers with a standards-compliant WMS service.

Telco Network Coverage vs Consumption Analysis with Kinetica

This demo shows the Kinetica engine powering accelerated analytics on a 14 billion record dataset of raw mobile signal events.

Building Real-time Location Applications on Massive Datasets