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In-engine rendering & visualization

Visual Discovery & Insight

Up until now, most visual discovery has been focused on structured data – the things that fit in rows and columns. Standard reporting tools push structured data down to the database to run the query. But for location, text, and time data to images, videos, and more, this approach doesn’t work. With billions of data points, analysis and rendering insights needs to happen in the engine itself.

Visualization Challenges

What you see isn’t what you get

Massive Datasets

Transferring information about billions of data points causes performance problems for standard reporting tools and location applications

Location Visualization

Front-end applications and tools struggle to render billions of location data points

Separate Tools

Visualization technologies, particularly those that support location functionality separate of the data engine, are hard to manage and scale

Built for Built-In Visual Discovery

In-engine analysis & rendering of massive datasets with seamless location visualization

Faster Performance

With a memory-first, GPU-driven engine, queries come back significantly faster for much better front-end experience

Seamless Server-Side Rendering

Server-side rendering for billions of data points delivers seamless visuals and an improved, interactive experience

Reveal Built In

Kinetica Reveal comes with the engine - get location visualization, standard dashboarding, and a powerful analytics engine to processes and analyze the data

Kinetica Smart City Demo

Customized Kinetica Reveal Dashboard for Smart City Analytics

Key Capabilities


Enables real-time data discovery with GPU-accelerated rendering of maps and dashboards for interactive location-based analytics

Server-side rendering

Render unlimited data points in map overlay layers, on the server, with fast point-and-click interaction

Integrations with BI tools

Business analysts make faster decisions by visualizing and interacting with an extensible and highly flexible framework for getting the most out of data stored in Kinetica

WKT or WMS integration

Over 80+ functions for geospatial data, including points, polygon shapes, WMS rendering, well-known text (WKT), tracks, and labels. Process and visualize geospatial vector data at high speed

Reveal Features

An extensible and highly flexible framework for getting the most out of your data stored in Kinetica.

Drag and Drop Analytic Dashboards

Simply drag and drop data tables to slice and dice data and start creating on-the-fly analytics dashboards. A SQL query editor enables specific and custom queries too.

Rich Data Report & Charts

Reveal comes with dozens of visualizations for analyzing data, as well as a flexible means to extend its capabilities yourself. See your data in tables, treemaps, directed-force diagrams, line-graphs, and more.

Advanced Mapping Capabilities

Reveal takes full advantage of Kinetica's geospatial visualization pipeline for rendering unlimited data points in map overlay layers. Overlays are rendered on the server, with fast point-and-click interaction available through Reveal.


The SQL Lab tool allows users to quickly run data analytics queries to explore their raw data without having to leave and use another SQL client application.

Security with Refined Access Control

Enhanced security with fine-grained multilevel access control for permission-based widgets, views, and dashboards. Reveal integrates with major authentication providers (database, OpenID, LDAP, OAuth & REMOTE_USER).

Kinetica Developer Edition