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System Administrator Course

Learn to install, configure, operate, and maintain a Kinetica-enabled environment

This course is designed to provide partner and customer administrators with the tools they need to manage, maintain, and scale a Kinetica cluster. Hands-on workshops make sure trainees can successfully install, configure, operate, and maintain a Kinetica-enabled environment.

Kinetica University’s administrator training course gives participants a comprehensive understanding of how to operate and maintain a Kinetica cluster. From installation and configuration through schema optimization and performance tuning, Kinetica’s training course is the best way to prepare for the real-world challenges facing Kinetica DB administrators.

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Key concepts before installing and configuring Kinetica
  • How to optimize inputs/outputs in Kinetica
  • The architecture and folder structure of Kinetica
  • How to install, configure, operate, and maintain a Kinetica cluster
  • How to secure a Kinetica environment
  • Understand how to apply authentication & authorization
  • How to turn on different levels of logging and debugging
  • Maintaining high availability


Duration: 2 Days
Best for: Administrators
Prerequisite: This course is designed for systems administrators and IT managers who have basic Linux experience. Prior knowledge of GPU programming and/or Kinetica DB isn’t necessary.