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Developer Course

Learn to ingest, transform, and visualize data to make better, faster decisions through interactive analysis.

This course delivers the information and skills developers need to build solutions for real-world challenges using the Kinetica insight engine. Hands-on workshops teach trainees to successfully ingest, transform, and visualize data, in order to make better, faster decisions through interactive analysis.

Kinetica University’s developer training course gives participants a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts, along with labs to develop applications with Kinetica.

In this class, you will:

  • Understand Kinetica database concepts
  • Understand APIs and supported connectors that can be used to ingest data into Kinetica
  • Learn how to ingest data into Kinetica using Kinetica Import Tool
  • Understand how to retrieve data previously ingested into Kinetica
  • Using SQL workflow, create schema objects in Kinetica (e.g. tables and indexes) that optimize query performance, troubleshoot related performance issues and tune Kinetica queries and schema
  • Understand the fundamentals of the Kinetica connectors and third party applications
  • Understand the concepts and features in Kinetica’s geospatial capabilities
  • Understand geospatial data types
  • Understand how to analyze data with geospatial functions
  • Understand key concepts of Reveal
  • Add databases and tables in Reveal
  • Create meaningful visualizations and explore data coming from the data sources
  • Build dashboards that provide a story to the data being analyzed
  • Use all the tools learned in a practice workshop
  • Understand principles behind UDFs
  • Execute UDFs using the API or the GADMIN
  • Understand the types of UDFs and when to use them


Duration: 2 Days
Best for: Developers
Prerequisite: Ideally, completion of Deployment Workshop. Successful installation of Kinetica