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Location-Based Analytics

Kinetica, a high-performance GPU-accelerated database, comes with powerful tools for visualizing large geospatial datasets.

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For Complex Geospatial Questions

Kinetica was designed from the ground up for analytics and visualization of massive geospatial datasets for the US military.

Geospatial Objects

Kinetica was originally designed to power large-scale geospatial queries and natively supports points, shapes as WKT, tracks, and labels.

Inbuilt Geospatial Operations

Kinetica REST API provides a range of geospatial functions, including tools to filter data by area, by track, or custom shape. Create histograms and scatter plots or generate video for data changing in both space and time.

Real-time Visualization

Kinetica leverages GPU hardware acceleration for incredibly fast query performance and visualization of geospatial data. Its distributed design is ideal for processing large and streaming datasets.

Geospatial Visualization Pipeline

One of the core challenges with geospatial analytics is moving data from the database layer to the visualization layer. Serializing and moving millions to billions of objects from one technology to another takes time. Kinetica is able to short-circuit this by keeping the data within its database, executing complex geospatial filters and advanced analytics, and rendering the geospatial data on the fly through its internal geospatial web server. With this architecture, it is possible to filter and visualize large, complex geospatial vector data at high speed, and without the challenges of moving data from a database to a separate geospatial server layer.

Geospatial Analytics Pipeline

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Kinetica comes with Reveal, a web-based BI framework that makes it quick and easy to start exploring geospatial data. Reveal also connects with Kinetica's geospatial pipeline for advanced mapping and interactive location-based analytics.


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Datasets to Explore!

Half a dozen datasets provide opportunities to experience the speed and flexibility of Kinetica.

Who's travelling where in NYC?

New York City made available a vast dataset on every cab ride taken in the city, from pickup to drop-off between 2009 and 2015. Kinetica is the right database for interactive queries on large volumes of high cardinality data such as this.

Explore 4bn Tweets

Billions of geospatially coded tweets provide opportunities to analyze consumer sentiment from different regions and over time. Kinetica geospatial pipeline makes it quick to interact with large numbers of individual results on a map.

FAA Flight Data

With over 2bn location points from flights across the continental US, this dataset is great for analysis of flights based on altitude, duration, and speed. Explore popular destinations for private jets, or recognize restricted airspace.

USPS Leverages Kinetica's Geospatial Analytics to Manage Tracking and Updates

200,000+ USPS devices emit location once every minute, amounting to more than a quarter billion events captured and analyzed daily. USPS’ parallel cluster serves 15,000 daily sessions, providing service’s managers and analysts with the capability to instantly see what's happening in their areas of responsibility.
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