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Business Owner

Whether you’re the Chief Data Officer or the VP of Analytics, purchasing data analytics technologies is fraught with risk, from latency to scalability, accuracy to complexity. Choosing the right platform is paramount.


Streaming analytics and machine learning capabilities are required in any data-driven business, but they remain complex to integrate, difficult to operationalize, and expensive throughout.

Challenges include: 

  1. Slow data processing
  2. Inaccurate results
  3. Inability to scale
  4. Difficulties and expense operationalizing ML
  5. Complex integrations necessary in order to support real-time analytics


The Kinetica Streaming Data Warehouse delivers reliable analysis, long-term scalability, and fast results, while limiting ML operational expense.

Benefits include: 

  1. Real-time streaming data analysis via GPU & CPU
  2. Enhanced context incorporating historical batch data, streaming, location, and ML predictive data for greater accuracy
  3. Massive petabyte scale
  4. Achieving ML at scale in production as part of single platform total cost of ownership
  5. Single unified platform

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