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GPU-Accelerated Database for IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) offers tremendous opportunities for connected devices, autonomous cars, offshore oil rigs, and factories to connect, communicate, and operate intelligently. Kinetica makes it possible for enterprises to derive insights from vast volumes of complex and streaming IoT data in milliseconds. Use Kinetica to ingest, analyze, and act on IoT data and improve product reliability, operational efficiency, and customer experience.

Low Latency Database – Ideal for IoT Data and Analytics

10x-100x faster query on 1/10 the hardware, compared to even the most advanced in-memory analytics systems.

Low Latency

Parallel ingest and reduced overhead on indexing ensures low-latency insights. Data is available for query the moment it arrives.
How GPU Enables Low Latency »

Lightning-Fast Query

Get results in milliseconds. Kinetica leverages the GPU to deliver incredible performance for complex analytical queries on large and streaming datasets.
Kinetica: GPU Database »

Flexible Deployment

With a light hardware and software footprint, Kinetica can be deployed on edge gateways as well as data centers.

Designed For IOT Data

Native support for storing, managing, and analyzing geospatial and time-series data
Geospatial Analytics »

Webinar: GPUs for IoT

GPUs and GPU databases: A silver bullet to manage your IoT data and analytics tsunami.

Jim McHugh, Vice President and GM at NVIDIA, along with Amit Vij, Founder and CEO at Kinetica, share how GPUs and GPU-accelerated databases deliver speed, scale, and intelligence for IoT by converging Machine Learning and OLAP – enabling real-time insights to get to decisions and actions faster


Real-Time Insights on Fast-Moving IoT Data

For connected devices, supply chain, infrastructure and more

Smart Parking

Global trends such as population growth, urbanization, and improved standard of living are forcing city planners and municipalities to deploy smart IoT solutions for traffic and parking management. Kinetica’s lightweight, low-latency database can be used on IoT edge gateways to simultaneously ingest, analyze, visualize, and act on sensor data at scale and with speed. With Kinetica, cities can manage traffic and parking in real time to reduce congestion, greenhouse emission, and improve community experience.

Just-in-Time Inventory

Overstocks and out-of-stocks cost businesses billions annually in lost business opportunities and spoilage. IoT-enabled devices, vehicles, and facilities open tremendous opportunities to manage demand and supply in real time. Kinetica provides real-time, location-based insights across the entire supply chain including suppliers, distributors, logistics, transportation, and retail locations for businesses to understand demand, manage supply, and track inventory in real time.

Smart Grid Infrastructure Management

Trends such as population growth and modernization are putting tremendous strains on the energy generation, transmission, and distribution infrastructure. Public sector agencies, energy exploration and production companies, and utilities must all work together to modernize the infrastructure and improve reliability, efficiency, and security. Kinetica’s real-time analytics database brings together fast-moving IoT data from sensors, smart meters, solar panels, and grid infrastructure and provides predictive insights to minimize power outages, reduce storm impacts, and restore service faster when outages occur. With Kinetica, utilities benefit from a modern smart grid infrastructure that is more reliable, dependable, and efficient.

In this demo, Kinetica ingests massive amounts of complex streaming data from the City of London and enables real-time data analysis and visualization to power the connected city.

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