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Data Analytics Architect

You’re planning for the future evolution of your stack, and your design and investments have to make sense for the long-term stability of your analytics architecture, without locking you in.


When each analytical tool requires its own component, you end up with a complex, brittle architecture that’s hard to troubleshoot and even harder to evolve.

Challenges include: 

  1. Lack of interoperability
  2. Inadequate security
  3. Service interruption
  4. Performance and scalability too expensive
  5. Disparate capabilities can’t fully address use cases
GPU Acceleration Hish Speed Ingest


Kinetica simplifies your analytics architecture, and offers the security, stability, scale, and flexibility to fit into your ecosystem.

Benefits include: 

  1. Flexibility across environments
  2. Security
  3. Stability
  4. Massive scale and multi-tenancy
  5. Simplified cloud data warehouse architecture that evolves to fit current and future use cases

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