This would be chapter three of our getting started guide.... showing them how to get into GAdmin and load in the sample data set.

The CSV Import Tool allows users to import their data from a CSV file into the database. The only minimum requirement is to give the new table a name. You can also import data into an existing table given that the schema is the same. Once the import process begins, past and current running import jobs will be displayed in the table below with their statuses and percentage progress.

CSV Header Definition

In order for the system to know what schema/type to set for your table, it requires the header of your CSV file to contain some additional information other than the column name. Please reference our documentation on our website to learn about all the data types and features available. Below is an example header and single row of sample data for the NYC Taxi Dataset.


Demo Data Repository

Kinetica maintains a public repository of common sample demo data for users to pull into their own instance to make it easy to start exploring the system. Importing data could not be any easier as you won’t need to download any CSV (or any other files) and configuring the schema/types is not required.

Note: The NYC Taxi dataset is prepackaged with GAdmin but the others require external access to the Internet to reach our repository. If you don’t have a connection, you will not see the other options.

As you can see, we have a few available datasets to use from various industries and use cases. Kinetica will be adding more and more in the future so keep checking the page. GAdmin also tells you as a convenience feature how many rows you have already imported from each dataset. Users will also have the ability to import each dataset as many times as desired. The new import will append to the existing table so you can grow your data as large as you want in case you want to experiment with bigger data. To import, just click the Load Sample Data button.

The first time you try to access a particular dataset (aside from NYC Taxi which is local), GAdmin will have to download the file from the repository. Depending on your connection, the required time may vary so please be patient. Most files are between 20-60 MB in size so it shouldn’t take too long.

After download is finished, GAdmin will begin to import the data into the database. The progress bar will keep you updated on how much of the data has been successfully loaded.

Once import completes, you can either close to import other datasets or click to view the data you have selected to load.



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