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Kinetica Install Accelerator

Install, configure and secure Kinetica, and learn the skills to operate it successfully.
Deploy and secure your Kinetica GPU-accelerated database
A Kinetica Architect works with your team to integrate Kinetica into your enterprise data architecture.
Learn common practices for managing and operating your Kinetica GPU-accelerated database

The Kinetica Install Accelerator package lets you quickly get Kinetica installed and configured using the common practices in your enterprise environment. It includes a pre-scoped 2 week consulting engagement designed to accelerate a successful Kinetica deployment–and enables support fast data access. A one year license subscription for up to 1 TB of memory is also included.

Installation Planning Installation Execution Installation Recap
Project Review Environment Review Installation & Confiugration Installation Validation Documentation Knowledge Transfer

Confirm project scope, objectives and timeline

Confirm project resources and availability

Identify any dependencies or risks for the successful installation of Kinetica

Validate instances are ready for installation of Kinetica

Plan / document where Kinetica services will be deployed

Pre-deploy Kinetica RPMs and installation dependencies

Install Kinetica in clustered configuration

Enable user authentication and integration with Active Directory

Enable HTTPS for secure cluster communications

Create tables and load sample data into Kinetica

Run sample queries and monitor via Kinetica admin

Update settings in Kinetica configuration file based on benchmark performance

Documentation of project activities

Documentation of Kinetica cluster installed

Kinetica runbook for production operation activities

Formal session to review project activities and Kinetica runbook

Formal transfer of customer environment details to the Kinetica Support organization

Project Deliverables

The following deliverables will be completed and delivered
within the Kinetica Install Accelerator engagement:

  • Installed and configured instance of Kinetica within customer
    enterprise environment or supported cloud environment
  • Project documentation detailing activities completed within
    engagement and a detailed operations runbook for customer

  • Knowledge transfer from Kinetica consultant to customer
    operations team detailing customer environment and steps
    to successfully operate your Kinetica instance

Kinetica Training

The following training capabilities will be provided to enable users
with the base skill-sets to install and operate a Kinetica cluster:

  • Video Tutorials A library of video tutorials to guide platform administrators through the process of installing, configuring and operating Kinetica
  • PDF Tutorials A collection of self paced tutorials that walk users through the installation and configuration of Kinetica and the process to create tables and load tables

Project Dependencies

The following dependencies need to be resolved before starting
the Kinetica Application Accelerator to ensure successful
project delivery:

  • Server / Cloud Instance AvailabilityAll servers or cloud instances must be fully installed and configured with a supported operating system pre-installed
  • User AccessThe project team and the Kinetica Architect must
    have access to the environment where Kinetica will be installed
    and configured with permissions to install software and update
    system properties
  • Network AccessBetween data sources, Kinetica, and to supporting infrastructure is required for Kinetica Architect and delivery team

Get Started

Talk to us and find how easy it is to get started with the power of GPU-accelerated analytics.

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