Everything You Need In One Place

Smart Applications

Kinetica is a unified data platform that drastically simplifies the architecture required to deliver active analytical applications at massive scale. With Kinetica, there’s no need to string together disconnected technologies that were never designed for active analytics in the first place—developers have everything they need in one place.

Integrated Experience

Run complex OLAP database queries against massive data sets while simultaneously ingesting high volumes of streaming data, visualize geospatial information, and run ML training and inferencing all on a single platform.


Developers can use native APIs, REST calls, and SQL to complete their analytic tasks in Kinetica without shuffling data to other platforms.

Location Visualization

Kinetica builds geospatial visualizations on the same GPUs it uses to perform location analytics, avoiding the need for costly data transfers to third party visualization tools that can’t perform at scale.

Seamless ML Integration

Import pre-trained models to execute inferences in batch, streaming, or via a web service. Kinetica is a one-stop shop for realizing your ML investment.

Demo: Build machine learning into active analytical applications

An Introduction to Kickbox.js, a Code Acceleration Library for Kinetica and Mapbox

See Kickbox.js in action on 28 million data points in an autonomous vehicle reporting demo.