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Machine Learning Data Analytics

Kinetica seamlessly integrates machine learning deployment models and algorithms with your data for real-time predictive analytics at scale. Streamline your data pipelines and the lifecycle of your analytics, ML models and data engineering. Calculate features with streaming data or geo data for instant business impact.


Interactively Explore All Your Data

Kinetica enables data scientists to explore and prepare all their data at the speed of thought. Improve the accuracy and nuance of discoveries by examining your full data corpus vs. downsampling data. Perform large scale analytical queries and data analysis and visualization of billions of geospatial data points interactively for exploration with server side rendering.

AirBnb ML Pricing Demo

Accelerate Machine Learning Model Training

Rapidly train machine learning models with larger data sets to improve accuracy of inferences. Deploy a full lifecycle solution for ML accelerated by GPUs: managed Jupyter notebooks, model training via RAPIDS, and automated model deployment and inferencing in the Kinetica platform.

RAPIDS Datasheet

Improve Model Accuracy with High Performance Feature Pipelines

Increase the accuracy of machine learning data analytics models by utilizing different types of feature pipeline calculations. Perform large-scale feature transformations such as normalizations, filters, joins, and complex geospatial functions directly in the database. Combine SQL, geospatial, graph, time series, and text search analyses and rapidly process them inline as inputs to machine learning models.

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Automate Deployment & Data Orchestration

Automate model deployment in Kinetica utilizing Kubernetes supporting continuous, on-demand, and batch inferencing modes. No need to worry about deployment, network configuration, pipeline management, or scaling. Once deployed, Kinetica automatically orchestrates the full data pipeline – from ingestion, to feature transformation, to inferencing and back to database and downstream applications.

Tech Talk: How To Be An AI Maestro With Kinetica Active Analytics Workbench (AAW)

Audit ML Model Operations

Track, govern, and audit machine learning data analytics that’s part of your ML workloads. Kinetica tracks the full data lineage, including raw data, feature transformations, and model output. Easy-to-use search tool provides an instant ability to do a full model audit or find a “needle in a haystack” for a specific inference.

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