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Developer Friendly

Kinetica dramatically simplifies the development of smart analytical applications at massive scale. With Kinetica, there’s no need to string together disconnected technologies that were never designed to work together in the first place—developers have everything they need in one place. Developers can focus on building applications instead of complex data pipelines.


Focus on Code, not Infrastructure

Developers can focus on building innovative analytical features for their applications with Kinetica’s unified environment. Don’t worry about having to deploy or administer a complex stack of technologies to create similar capabilities to what Kinetica provides natively. Unlock the power of streaming, historical, location, graph analytics and machine learning in a single platform.

Tech Talk: Developer's Guide to Kinetica

Accelerate Development

Kinetica helps developers build analytical features faster by letting them use their favorite languages. Choose from native language bindings, REST APIs, and SQL to complete analytic tasks in Kinetica without shuffling data to other platforms, or learning new and complicated paradigms.


Build Highly Interactive Geospatial Applications

Easily integrate your application with Kinetica and leverage geospatial operations on location data at scale. Then connect your application to leading mapping providers with Kinetica’s standards-compliant WMS service to display data. Leverage GPU-accelerated server side visualization for a fast, interactive user experience at unprecedented scale.

Tech Talk: When Your Application Is the Map

Seamlessly Integrate Machine Learning Models into Applications

Augment your analytics with machine learning at scale. Utilize results from ML models deployed in Kinetica for continuous, batch or on-demand inferencing. Automatically orchestrates feature calculation pipelines for the model on deployment so the model is immediately available for inferencing by applications.

Demo: Build machine learning into active analytical applications

An Introduction to Kickbox.js, a Code Acceleration Library for Kinetica and Mapbox

See Kickbox.js in action on 28 million data points in an autonomous vehicle reporting demo.

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