Faster BI with a GPU Database

Do more, faster, by moving data into Kinetica – a high-performance, GPU-accelerated database.

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What could you do if your BI tools ran 100x faster?

Kinetica enables continuous data processing and lightning-fast dashboards, queries, and reports

Stop Waiting

Kinetica leverages GPU hardware acceleration for incredibly fast query performance. It's distributed design is ideal for processing large and streaming datasets.
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Simplify Data Preparation

Brute force compute with GPUs greatly simplifies the amount of tuning, indexing, and administration of the database. There's no need to do pre-aggregation or build out cubes. Reduce your reliance on specialized skills to prep and set-up data.

Free-Form Exploration

Kinetica is a familiar SQL-92 compliant relational database – without limits. Explore datasets with billions of rows in milliseconds. Slice and dice, and drill-down into data and discover new patterns and insights.

Real-time BI, Powered by GPUs

Kinetica combines GPU’s brute-force compute with the simplicity of a relational database for millisecond query response on massive data sets without extensive tuning.

ODBC/JDBC drivers make it easy to connect BI tools such as Tableau, Microstrategy, Qlik or PowerBI.

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Add AI to Your BI

Add machine learning, natural language processing and predictive analytics to your BI dashboards and reports. Kinetica's in-database processing framework allows for user-defined functions to be made available to business users. Advanced data-science can now be performed on the same system as operational business analytics.
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Incorporate Geospatial Data

Analyzing geospatial data? Kinetica natively manages geospatial data such as points, shapes, tracks, and labels and provides out-of-the-box functions for location-based analytics. Functions such as filters (by area, by series, by geometry), aggregation (group by, histograms), and geofencing triggers.
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Enterprise-Class Analytics

Kinetica is ready for use at enterprise scale - Kinetica supports authentication and authorization features such as LDAP, role based access control; high availability with automated data replication; and a distributed, scale-out architecture with tiered memory management across VRAM, system memory for scalability.
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Try your data on Kinetica!

Sometimes benchmarks and marketing copy can sound too good to be true. The best way to appreciate the possibilities that GPU acceleration brings to large-scale BI is to try it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.

Contact us, and we'll set you up with a trial environment for you to experience it for yourself.