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Telekinesis - Data to Data Conversations

Extreme Data Chat From Across the Pond with Google’s Nick Taylor

In this episode of Telekinesis–Data to Data Conversations, we are pleased to have Nick Taylor from Google Cloud Platform.

Nick is an experienced program manager and cloud architect with over 18 years of experience in security and privacy, identity & access management, and technical architecture. Nick works with some of the largest customers in the Google Cloud, helping them understand how to best adopt the cloud and transform their businesses.

We discuss the changes in the world of data, focusing on the explosion of different streaming data sources like IoT data. Why cloud adoption will continue to increase and what differentiates GCP from alternative cloud vendors.

Ultimately, with storage and processing becoming relatively cheap and the boom of IoT creating immense data volumes day after day, individual organizations will need the scale of the cloud to keep up with the imminent exponential growth of data over the next few years.


Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Kinetica and GCP

Adding GPUs to Instances in GCP

Google’s Tensor Processing Unit (TPU)

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