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Kinetica As A Service - Now available on Azure. Learn More

Kinetica As A Service
On Azure

Vectorized database optimized for geospatial and time-series applications – now available as-a-service on Microsoft Azure.

Try Kinetica on Azure Now

Read the Launch Announcement & Getting Started Blog

Kinetica also supports the Azure hybrid cloud via Azure Stack HCI

Kinetica on Azure Illustration

Focus on your data, not your infrastructure

Kinetica on Microsoft Azure is a fully managed service offered by Kinetica.

Time to Value

No need to worry about infrastructure or configuration. The provisioning process simplifies setup will enable you to be up and running with Kinetica within an hour.

Easy to Manage

Kinetica on Azure is fully managed and maintained by Kinetica. Provisioned into your Azure subscription, you can monitor and administer Kinetica as a standard Azure resource.

Flexible Pricing

The simple pay-as-you-go pricing model allows you to pay only for what you use. Kinetica is billed to your Azure subscription to streamline procurement.
Kinetica's fully vectorized database on Microsoft Azure Marketplace significantly outperforms traditional cloud databases for big data analytics

See It in Action

Watch how an energy company might use Kinetica to forecast wind-generated power from streaming weather data. This demo showcases Kinetica Workbench, with Kafka streams and user defined functions for predictions.

Get Started for Free

With the free tier (size Extra Small) and pay as you go consumption option, you can get started for free*.  As you grow, pay only for what you use. You can suspend and resume the cluster at any time to reduce your costs.  And, since it’s billed directly to your Azure account, procurement processes are also simplified.

Read the full Getting Started Guide in the Blog

Try Kinetica on Azure Now

* Azure infrastructure costs not included.

Deployment Options

Choose from a set of pre-defined deployments optimized by Kinetica, from free single-node instances for dev/test to production-ready multi-node options.

Pay as you go

Kinetica license fees are based on your hourly usage and the size of the cluster. Prices are the same for both Standard (CPU) and GPU-Accelerated deployments.

XS< 250GBFree
S < 500GB$3.00/hr
M < 1TB$6.00/hr
L (CPU Only)< 2TB $12.00/hr

For larger sizes, contact Kinetica directly

Prices do not include Azure infrastructure costs.

Bring Your Own License

Customers with an existing Kinetica license will not incur additional Kinetica license charges, although you will be charged for Azure infrastructure costs.

Book a Demo!

Sometimes marketing copy can sound too good to be true. The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to large-scale geospatial analytics is to see it in action, or try it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.

Contact us, and we can set you up with a demo and a trial environment for you to experience it for yourself.