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Mapbox + Kinetica

Simplifying custom geospatial app development for extreme data use cases

Mapbox is is the location data platform for mobile and web applications that makes it easy to add location features like maps, search, and navigation into any digital experience. Through the apps Mapbox powers, they reach more than 400 million people each month. Organizations can visualize data from Kinetica on Mapbox base maps for beautiful and dynamic location-based analytics.

Kinetica Kickbox.js

Kickbox.js is an open source code-acceleration library for Mapbox and Kinetica. It makes it easy to build custom geospatial web apps, abstracting away complexity and requirements for domain expertise. Using just 25 simple lines of Kickbox.js code you can start overlaying images representing massive amounts of data from Kinetica on Mapbox.

To learn more, watch this demo video that shows Kickbox.js in action for an autonomous vehicle use case, visualizing 28 million simulated data points from an AV fleet for analysis on a Mapbox base map.



Location analytics play a significant role in automotive use cases and Kinetica announced the availability of Kickbox.js to the open source community as part of its membership in Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

Kickbox.js can be used by organizations in all industries to drive innovation in location-based analytics and visualization. Now, developers have a way to bring their custom geospatial apps to market faster.

Kickbox.js Highlights

  • Simplifies the complexity of getting WMS imagery from Kinetica on to the map, styling the WMS output, and orchestrating the re-rendering of WMS images on pan/zoom events
  • Opens access to identification modes that make it easy to do simple spatial filtering and feature identification without writing custom queries
  • Improves flexibility for developers – only initialization and the displaying of WMS layers need to be facilitated through Kickbox.js, then the Mapbox object is handed back from Kickbox.js after initialization.
  • Provides the ability to design beautiful Mapbox basemaps to compliment the color scheme of custom app and WMS images from Kinetica


  • Read about Kickbox.js on the blog
  • Download Kickbox.js on Github

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