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Fuzzy Logix + Kinetica

A full library of machine learning and predictive analytics functions, can be run in-database, on Kinetica

Fuzzy Logix offers a library of machine learning and predictive analytics functions that are optimized for parallel processing and can be applied for discovery of patterns within data. Fuzzy Logix algorithms can run within Kinetica’s user-defined functions. framework, while taking full advantage of the massively parallel processing capabilities of the GPU. Together, Fuzzy Logix and Kinetica provide a GPU-accelerated advanced analytics solution that can easily be made available throughout the organization.

On Kinetica, advanced analytics functions are hugely accelerated by the massive parallel compute capabilities of the GPU. Running complex analytics in-database offers significant further performance improvements over solutions which extract data into smaller analytics servers for calculations. And, because there is no data movement, data security is maintained and all analytics are run on current data – not on copies of the data which may be out-of-date.

Fuzzy Logix with Kinetica is a turnkey solution for data science teams working on predictive healthcare, credit risk management, supply-chain optimization and index modelling. Use-cases include portfolio risk management, options and equity pricing, product-based inventory optimization, next-likely purchase, prescribing habits of physicians and care gap analysis.

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