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FME + Kinetica

Access to Geospatial and 350+ Other Data Sources

Safe Software is the maker of FME, the leading spatial data transformation technology that enables users to extract, transform, load, integrate, validate, and share data without coding. FME provides the integration with 345+ formats including GIS, CAD, database, 3D, raster, XML and cloud. Since 1993, FME has helped thousands of customers worldwide leverage their data so it can be used exactly where, when, and how it’s needed.

The FME connector for Kinetica allows users to read and write data from Kinetica into and out of FME workspaces. It enables users to ingest, analyze, visualize and publish data between hundreds of business applications, web services, databases and file formats, including geospatial data for real-time location-based analytics.

FME 2017 can read and write data to Kinetica, including geometry data, allowing that data to be transformed and manipulated in FME workflows. FME provides integrated access to more than 350 data formats such as KML, GeoJSON, and OGC WKT (well-known text) as well as the data transformation functions of FME. With the Kinetica Writer for FME, customers can use the rendering power of Kinetica to display point and polygon data. Depending on the data, points can even be displayed as heatmaps, symbologies, or tracks. Data can also be integrated into Kinetica for machine learning, deep learning, OLAP and advanced location-based analytics.

Utility Use Case Example

The FME Kinetica connector enables one utility provider to operate Kinetica as an agile analytics layer where 3rd-party data such as from Esri ArcGIS can be used to monitor, manage and predict infrastructure health. Multiple data feeds, including location data for their field deployed assets, are combined into a single centralized data store for analysis.

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