The Power Of Location And Time

Location Intelligence For Real-Time Apps

Location Intelligence is more than visualizing information on a map. Location intelligence analyzes location and time data together, to understand where and when someone takes action or something takes place, in real-time. Location and time connects the digital and physical worlds to provide contextual, location-aware experiences and make location-driven decisions for the business and the customer alike.

The Location Intelligence Challenge

Unfolding in Real-Time

Volume & Speed

In the IoT, a huge volume of location data is generated for real-time analysis

Poor Visualization

Analytics without visualization limits location intelligence functionality

Limited Support

Legacy technologies provide very little and poor support for location data

Myriad Technologies

Multiple solutions required to build next-gen custom location apps

Putting Location and Time Data on the Map

Businesses that generate location data can create new revenue streams by building data services, for themselves or others. Location intelligence data is valuable to telecoms, logistics companies, financial services, and retailers.

Location-Aware Applications

Build apps without limits using a single engine, at any scale and at any speed.

Location Intelligence for Business Analysts

Use BI tools of your choice to explore location data at speed.

Reveal: Out-of-the-Box Location Analytics

Get location insight instantly using built-in Reveal for analytics with visualization.

Telco Network Coverage vs Consumption Analysis with Kinetica

This demo shows the Kinetica engine powering accelerated analytics on a 14 billion record dataset of raw mobile signal events.

Kinetica Location Analytics Capabilities


Tools to filter data by area, track, or custom shape. Create histograms and scatter plots or generate video for data shifts in space and time. Generate map-overlay imagery from data tables.


Kinetica was originally designed to power large-scale geospatial queries and natively supports points, shapes, tracks and symbology using WKT standards.


Works with ESRI, Mapbox Kickbox, etc. to analyze large, fast-moving datasets with interactivity, and visualize and filter billions of records.


Kinetica generates image tiles from geospatial data that become overlays on a map. Any table with x,y coordinates or well-known text shapes can be used as the source for generating images.


Comes with Reveal, a web-based BI framework that makes it quick and easy to explore geospatial data. Reveal connects to Kinetica's geospatial pipeline for advanced mapping and interactive location-based analytics.


Kinetica leverages GPU hardware acceleration for server-side visual rendering for geospatial data. Its distributed design can handle massive datasets with billions of data points.

Building Real-time Location Applications on Massive Datasets