Kinetica is the insight engine for the Extreme Data Economy
Harness the power of data to drive ever-changing business

Accelerated parallel computing--powered by NVIDIA GPUs--tackles the unpredictability and complexity of extreme data Learn More »

From finance to retail to healthcare, data is the business. When extreme data requires companies to act with unprecedented agility, Kinetica powers business in motion.

Kinetica transforms data into instant insight. Power new technologies and services, from connected devices to risk management to personalization and beyond.

Business Intelligence
Kinetica accelerates any industry-standard reporting tool with ODBC/JDBC drivers and replaces the traditional data warehouse.
Geospatial Visualization
Kinetica speeds geospatial visualization and deep location analytics, augmenting GIS systems.
Streaming Data Analysis
Customized IoT applications get high velocity data ingestion and advanced analytics in parallel.
Machine Learning
Get machine learning and deep learning in the data platform via user-defined functions.
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BI Meets AI: Augmenting Analytics with Artificial Intelligence to Beat the Extreme Data Economy. Get Your Copy »

Our GPU-powered insight engine takes data from unpredictable sources and delivers lightning-fast analytics


Dramatically accelerate analysis on billions of rows of data with our in-memory GPU architecture using advanced parallel processing, delivering results in milliseconds and near-linear scalability without the need to index.


Process & manage BI and AI workloads simultaneously with integrated, streamlined, scalable machine learning workflows to leverage human and AI-driven insight.


Ingest and process data at the same time to analyze and visualize perishable data and integrate it with historical data.


Instantly translate location and temporal data into visuals that reveal patterns and opportunities with our interactive, integrated visual dashboard, geospatial capabilities , and in-memory, distributed image processing and rendering.

Developed to meet the intelligence needs of the US Army

Kinetica was born from an innovation effort to meet the needs of US Army—to track and analyze national security threats in real time. The solution was piloted within the military. After continued research and development, Kinetica was born.

It’s literally battle tested.

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BI Meets AI

Augmenting Analytics with Artificial Intelligence to Beat the Extreme Data Economy.
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Sometimes benchmarks and marketing copy can sound too good to be true. The best way to appreciate the possibilities that GPU acceleration brings to large-scale analytics is to try it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.

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