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The Database
for Time & Space

A vectorized analytics database – ideal for analyzing geospatial & temporal data at scale and speed

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Vectorization Gives You Freedom

Kinetica was designed from the ground up to harness data level parallel processing capabilities of GPUs and modern CPUs for unrivaled speed, flexibility and efficiency.

Real-Time Analysis

With a lockless architecture and distributed ingestion, data is available immediately after it is written. No more waiting for data structures to be updated before new data can be found in queries.

Time & Space

Data level parallel processing unleashes significant performance improvements – particularly on spatial and temporal queries at scale. Aggregations, predicate joins, windowing functions, graph solvers all operate far more efficiently.

Lower Costs

Parallel processing allows you to get away with simpler data structures. Spend less time engineering schemas, and watch as storage scales in proportion to the size of the data. This means less work, and lower hardware costs.

For Complex Geospatial Questions

Vectorized processing opens the door to highly performant geospatial analytics and detailed visualization of spatial-temporal datasets at speed and scale.

Impossibly fast geospatial visualization in Tableau - visualize to millions of data points in sub-second time

Geospatial Functions

Work with with geospatial objects (points, shapes, tracks) and take advantage of over 130 vector-enhanced geospatial functions for filtering and joining data by area, by track, custom shapes and more. Spatial operations are exponentially faster for massive datasets than on traditional systems.
Geospatial Analytics »

Graph Analytics

Create graphs from relational data to optimize routes, and uncover hidden relationships. Kinetica's flexible graph grammar has feature parity with Cypher.
Graph Analytics »

Visualization Pipeline

Kinetica's OpenGL visualization pipeline is capable of drawing massive point datasets as WMS layers for use over maps. Kinetica can also generate heatmaps, scatterplots and even video. Native server-side rendering makes it possible to plot millions of points without bandwidth constraints.
Mapping & Visualization API »

Fuse Data across a Variety of Sources

Avoid complex data engineering with a single converged platform that is able to fuse together data across data lakes and streams to provide real time actionable intelligence.


Write Queries in SQL

Kinetica has broad support for SQL interaction with a mature suite of SQL functionality. This makes it easy for analysts to be productive quickly.
SQL Query Support »

Use with Popular BI Tools

Connect popular BI tools such as Tableau, Spotfire and PowerBI to Kinetica for real-time analytics using the ODBC/JDBC connector. Or try Kinetica's own Reveal BI framework


Ingest from multiple sources

Pre-built connectors for Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi, Apache Spark, Spark Streaming, Apache Storm and others make it simple to ingest streaming data from a variety of sources and fuse it together.
See Examples »

Machine Learning Pipeline

UDFs offer an extensible and highly flexible framework for performing advanced analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning with data stored in Kinetica. UDFs have direct access to CUDA APIs, and can take full advantage of the distributed architecture of Kinetica.
In-Database Analytics »

REST & Native API's

Data Scientists and Developers can develop sophisticated applications with REST and Native APIs. Language specific APIs are available for C++, C#, Java, Javascript, NodeJS & Python.
API Documentation »

Time Series Data

Kinetica natively manages time-series data and window functions for efficient time series analysis. Powerful temporal selectors, with ASOF join filters so you can quickly gather data from the past.

Take Kinetica for a Test Drive: Developer Edition (Free) Get Started »

Better Performance with Less Infrastructure.

The Kinetica engineering team obsesses over efficiency. With its vectorized architecture, dynamic tiered storage engine, and sophisticated compression, Kinetica requires far fewer resources than other comparable systems.

Large US Financial Institution

700-node spark cluster running queries in hours took seconds on 16 nodes of Kinetica

Top US Retailer

Consolidated 100 nodes of Cassandra(NoSQL) and Spark into 8 Kinetica nodes

Large Pharma

Identical performance between a 88-node Impala cluster and a 6-node Kinetica Intel cluster in Azure

On Premise or in the Cloud

Deploy Kinetica on your own hardware, bring your own license in the cloud, or the new native cloud solution on Azure.

Developer Edition
Try the core features of Kinetica from your local machine. Single node, CPU instance.
  • Available as a Docker Container
  • SQL Analytics
  • Spatial Functions
  • Graph Server/Solvers
  • WMS Visualization
  • UDFs
  • GAdmin Interface
  • Reveal BI
Enterprise Cloud

The first cloud-native vectorized database across GPUs and CPUs.

  • All features, plus:
  • Available on Azure
  • Choose GPU or CPU-only
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Fully Managed Service
  • Quick Setup
  • Kafka & Azure Blob Storage
  • Kinetica Workbench (NEW)
Pay as you go
Try on Azure
Enterprise Licensed

Deploy on Premise, or bring your own license for cloud deployments

  • All features, plus:
  • GPU Enabled
  • Cluster/Ring Resiliance HA
  • Enterprise Support
  • Active Analytics Workbench
  • Cluster Computing
  • RPM/Deb
By License
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Built to Meet the Demands of the Modern Enterprise

Scale Out

Work with petabytes of data at speed with Kinetica's memory first, fully distributed architecture. Kinetica prioritizes and manages data across VRAM, RAM, disk, and cold storage and can create external tables for working with data in HDFS, S3 and Azure.

Resource Management »

Role-Based Security

Kinetica provides secured access to data and data services by means of role-based access control. Permissions can be assigned at the table level, schema level, or globally, and can be assigned either directly or grouped into roles for assignment.

Security »

High Availability

Eliminate single points of failure and recover gracefully. Kinetica offers node and process failover for in-cluster resiliency, and multiple clusters may be grouped in a ring resiliency to spread data and ensure eventual consistency.

High Availability »

Administration Tools

Kinetica provides multi-faceted administration, installation, and configuration management tools with a centralized way to provision cloud hardware, configure cluster security, add/remove nodes, data backup and monitor cluster health.

Administration »

Manage your Data, Explore your Data

Kinetica Workbench and other tools make managing your data simple and intuitive.
Manage and analyze data from Kinetica Workbench.

Kinetica Workbench

An analytical, administrative and data management interface to Kinetica. Import data or connect to external data stores. Create workbooks for multi-step analysis, visualization and sharing of results.

Book a Demo!

Sometimes marketing copy can sound too good to be true. The best way to appreciate the possibilities that Kinetica brings to large-scale geospatial analytics is to see it in action, or try it with your own data, your own schemas and your own queries.

Contact us, and we can set you up with a demo and a trial environment for you to experience it for yourself.