Real-Time Location Intelligence: Leveraging GPUs to Transform Your Location Strategy

With the rise of the Extreme Data Economy and the Internet of Things, the volume of data, the speed at which it’s generated and its sources are increasing on an exponential scale. In particular, more location data is being captured about consumer transactions, sensors, devices and smart cars and about where people spend time than ever before. But leveraging this location data and turning it into actionable intelligence is what really matters.

Legacy technologies that have been used to analyze location data, like relational databases that offer basic spatial functionality or expensive GIS technologies, are being challenged by the scale and speed of data being generated. If you are looking at revamping your location intelligence strategy, this webinar is for you.

This webinar will cover:

  • Why the location-based capabilities in traditional databases aren’t holding up
  • Inside look at Kinetica’s high performance location-based analytics for the post big data era
  • Product demonstrations showing spatial joins with multiple polygons on a billion row dataset



Ryan Schacht, Expert, Geospatial Analytics, Kinetica

Prior to joining Kinetica Ryan spent 3 years at Planet Labs selling imagery solutions to agriculture, insurance, and manufacturing companies. Before Planet Labs he spent 8 years at Esri and he relishes in introducing GIS solutions to those that are new to using the technology.



Nohyun Myung, Principal Engineer, Geospatial Analytics, Kinetica

Nohyun is a Principal Architect for Kinetica. Previously, Nohyun was a Senior Enterprise Architect at GeoDecisions, an information technology company specializing in geospatial solutions. Prior to GeoDecisions, he worked at Esri, the industry leader in GIS. Nohyun also had prior experience with Powel, a Norwegian-based company providing automation for the power industry.

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