The Extreme Data Economy Pt. 2: Powering Data in Motion in the Post Big Data Era (A Technical Deep Dive)

Traditionally, data was used to justify business decisions after they were made. Big data changed all that: companies could collect and use specific data to inform decision-making. But the proliferation of mobile, cloud, and IoT devices has brought us into a new era: The Extreme Data Economy. There’s a greater variety of data than ever before, and exponentially more of it, streaming in real time. Never before has data been so complex and unpredictable, and never before has it been so valuable. Across industries, companies are turning data into an asset, above and beyond any product or service they offer. But unprecedented agility is required to keep business in motion and succeed in the Extreme Data Economy.

To achieve this level of agility, companies are turning to instant insight engines that are powered by thousands of advanced GPU cores, bringing unparalleled speed, streaming data analysis, visual foresight, and streamlined machine learning to break through the old bottlenecks. Without such a GPU-powered engine, it becomes impossible for companies to maintain business in motion.

Join Kinetica’s Dipti Borkar, VP of Product Marketing, and Nohyun Myung, Principal Architect, Location-Based Analytics, for this webinar that will cover:

  • What the Extreme Data Economy is about and what it means to compete in it.
  • New data-powered use cases businesses will need to address and the advances in computing technology, particularly accelerated parallel computing that will translate data into instant insight to power business in motion
  • A technical overview and demonstration of the Kinetica insight engine

About the Speakers:

Dipti Borkar, VP of Product Marketing, Kinetica

Dipti Borkar is Vice President of Product Marketing, with over 15 years experience in database technology across relational and non-relational databases. Prior to Kinetica, Dipti was Vice President of Product Marketing at Couchbase and held several leadership positions there including Head of Global Technical Sales and Head of Product Management. Earlier in her career Dipti was a part of the product team at MarkLogic and managed development teams at IBM DB2 where she started her career as a database software engineer. Dipti holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego with a specialization in databases, and an MBA from the Haas School of Business at University of California, Berkeley.

Nohyun Myung, Principal Architect for Location-Based Analytics, Kinetica

Nohyun brings over 16 years of experience in the GIS and Location-Based Analytics industry, having worked work with some of the world’s largest organizations in their deployments of GIS solutions. Prior to Kinetica, Nohyun worked at Esri, the industry leader in GIS and mapping technology.

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