WEBINAR: Kinetica 101: Hands-on with Kinetica 6.1 Trial Edition

Wednesday January, 18th at 10am (PST)

People who use Kinetica are constantly astounded by its performance. Built from the ground up to leverage GPUs, Kinetica’s next-gen analytics database makes it possible to get value from real-time data faster than ever before.

With the launch of the Kinetica Trial Edition, developers, analysts and data architects can now experience the functionality and performance of Kinetica first-hand. The Trial Edition is based on the latest 6.1 release which comes packed with huge improvements for SQL, geospatial, and usability.

Join Kinetica’s Max Dumas, Principal Solutions Engineer, and Dipti Borkar, VP, Product Marketing for this introductory webinar on Kinetica’s new Trial Edition and learn about:

  • What Kinetica is – an introduction to the product with a focus on latest features
  • How to quickly install Kinetica 6.1 on any Linux box or VM using our brand new admin console
  • You’ve installed Kinetica – now what? We’ll take you through a quick tour of Kinetica’s best features including working with some sample data using Reveal, our data discovery dashboard
  • What’s available in the trial edition and how and where to get help

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