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COVID-19 and Supply Chain Agility: How a Streaming Data Warehouse Keeps You Always On-Time and Fully Stocked

Hosted by:

Matt Brown, Product Manager, Kinetica & Amit Kesarwani, Principal Solutions Engineer, Kinetica

The supply chain and logistics ecosystem faces more complexities than ever before with drastic fluctuations in supply and demand. With modern tools, you can harness the wealth of data available today to respond with in the moment, data-driven decisions. In this talk we will show how Kinetica seamlessly brings together relational, graph and ML analytics on streaming data to solve supply chain and logistic use cases.


  • How real-time analytics can be applied predictively, or post-mortem
  • Deploying a predictive model in Kinetica for demand forecasting
  • Leveraging streaming data to gain real-time visibility into your supply chain
  • Using graph solvers to execute route optimization and exception management
  • Applying powerful visualization and geospatial analytics for fleet management

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