Break the Bottlenecks of Insight with Modern Data and Analytics Solutions

A joint event with : Forrester Research

Organizations are moving beyond the business intelligence dashboards and one-off visualizations that trickled stale insight into the company and only harnessed about 15% of available information. Companies can no longer afford to be in the dark about their customer, operations, market, and competition lest they be left behind in the age of the digital business. As such they are transitioning to become insight driven and harness vast amounts of data, richer visualizations, and analytics in real-time. This transformation is putting significant pressure on systems to process and produce the visual insights needed. A rethink is necessary to augment traditional CPU-bound analytics with GPUs, in-memory processing, and machine learning.

In this webinar, our guest Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, along with Manan Goel, VP of Products at Kinetica, will help you understand:

  • How digital business is driving rapid expansion and sophistication of data and insight
  • Why bottlenecks occur as data and insight mature
  • How a modern GPU-powered, in-memory analytics database converges Machine Learning and OLAP, and delivers real-time insights to get to decisions and actions faster

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