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Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning with Geospatial Data: A World of Possibilities

A joint event with : NVIDIA

As data sources such as sensors, social media, mobile, cloud, and machine logs become pervasive within the enterprise and the 4Vs of data managed by modern business applications increase exponentially, organizations need faster and better visualizations to explore data at scale and discover game-changing insights.

Organizations are increasingly adopting modern technologies such as GPUs to interactively visualize billions of data elements in real-time and take faster business decisions.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. How you can augment your existing business applications and visualization capabilities with GPU-accelerated rendering of maps and accompanying dashboards for spatial awareness and location-based analytics
  2. How GPU’s massive parallelization minimizes the need for data preparation and sampling and delivers brute force capabilities to interactively visualize the fast-moving location and time-series data such as trading, traffic, social media, and vehicle telematics at scale and with speed.

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