Concurrency LimitsΒΆ

The max_concurrency_per_node setting is available in the options map of the /create/proc. This option allows you to define a per-Kinetica- host concurrency limit for a UDF, i.e. no more than n OS processes (UDF instances) in charge of evaluating the UDF will be permitted to execute concurrently on a single Kinetica host. You may want to set a concurrency limit if you have limited resources (like GPUs) and want to avoid the risks of continually exhausting your resources. This setting is particularly useful for distributed UDFs, but it will also work for non-distributed UDFs.


You can also set concurrency limits on the Edit Proc screen in the UDF section of GAdmin

The default value for the setting is 0, which results in no limits. If you set the value to 4, only 4 instances of the UDF will be queued to execute the UDF. This holds true across all invokations of the proc; this means that even if /execute/proc is called eight times, only 4 processes will be running. Another instance will be queued as soon as one instance finishes processing. This process will repeat, only allowing 4 instances of the UDF to run at a time, until all instances have completed or the UDF is killed.