Kinetica provides a consistent API across 7 different languages: REST, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, NodeJS & Python. Tutorials have been created to demonstrate the basics of the interface, along with the data ingestion framework.

Kinetica also provides a set of connectors for integrating with other data processing technologies, as well as an ODBC driver for accessing Kinetica through standard SQL.

Step-by-step tutorials for developing applications using Kinetica.
Optimizing I/O
Optimizing I/O of large data sets with Kinetica.
Description of various connectors available for Kinetica.
User-Defined Function Implementation
Guides for writing & running UDFs, as well as several example programs.
API references for various languages.
Download the language-specific APIs and connectors to other applications.
Kinetica Tools
Suite of tools to help maximize efficiency when using Kinetica