GPU Driver Matrix



The cards below have been tested in large-scale production environments and provide the best performance for the database.

GPU Driver Kinetica Package
P4/P40/P100 410.X (or higher) gpudb-cuda91-license
V100 410.X (or higher) gpudb-cuda91-license
T4 410.X (or higher) gpudb-cuda91-license


The cards below are supported for Kinetica but should only be used for smaller, testing workloads or as necessary.

GPU Driver Kinetica Package
750ti 410.X (or higher) gpudb-cuda80-license
K20/K40/K80 410.X (or higher) gpudb-cuda80-license
M6/M60 410.X (or higher) gpudb-cuda80-license

Embedded Device

GPU Jetpack
Jetson TX2 Jetpack 3.2+