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United With Our Kinetica Community

Kinetica’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

First and foremost, our focus is on our people, our customers, and the communities they live in. As a company, we are exploring ways of providing meaningful data and analysis to assist government agencies and first responders.


We believe in the power of data. We are working closely with our customers to leverage it in the global effort to respond to COVID-19. We are committed to meeting your needs and protecting our communities throughout this crisis.


We are all adjusting to the reality of social distancing. Spending days or weeks at home with limited resources and little social contact can take its toll. One way Kinetica aims to help is by providing a series of free webinars and tech talks.


We are working with our customers to coordinate data-driven emergency response. We are visualizing anonymous mobile data that helps policy makers make public safety calls. And we're helping major retailers stream supply chain data to restock automatically.

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