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Transforming Telcos for the 5G Era

Telcos are undertaking a generational transformation to roll out 5G and offer new, data-driven products and services. From autonomous vehicles to smart factories, telcos have the chance to power the digital economy, but only if they can handle the significant increase in data volume and complexity that 5G presents. 

We discussed how telcos can approach extreme data challenges on our recent webinar, Transforming Telecommunications for the 5G Era. 

We covered how the world’s largest telcos are using active analytics to accelerate key initiatives including:

  • 5G network rollout – optimize small cell network placement, ensure strong coverage, maximize ROI, and accelerate deployment.
  • 5G network utilization – identify potential bandwidth gaps based on real-time subscriber data, enhance business and consumer coverage to gain market share, apply predictive modeling to augment future plans.
  • 5G signal analysis – interactively visualize and analyze signal strength in real-time  to gain new insight into areas for improvement
  • 5G RF propagation – create real-time network propagation models to maximize  coverage and run scenario analysis at speed and scale to de-risk infrastructure deployment decisions  

Active analytics enables telcos to maximize 5G investments by tackling data challenges previously thought unapproachable due to complexity and scale. 

Missed our webinar? Don’t worry! You can find the recording here. 

For more on active analytics for telcos, go to our solutions page. 

Dane Knotts, Business Development, Kinetica

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