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The Road to Data-Driven is Paved with Active Analytics

Porsche isn’t just manufacturing world-class sports cars — it’s building the data-driven car of the future that’s revolutionizing the driving experience now. We interviewed Daniel Maroslavac, the Program Manager for Data Analytics and Connected Car at Porsche, about the company’s ground-breaking innovation. Hear what he has to say, or just click for the absolutely stunning footage of your dream cars:

Data is changing the driving experience by making key information available as it flows in, so Porsche can offer services based on instantaneous location and personalization.

Kinetica works with Porsche to address scale and to process raw, streaming data in real time, so it’s finally possible to analyze huge amounts of data directly at the edge.  The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform runs lightning-fast on NVIDIA GPUs embedded in the car, and delivers a truly dynamic, personalized driver experience. When we say we’re data-driven, take it literally.

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