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Andrew Wooler

Tech Talks Kickoff Today!

We’re very excited for the launch of our weekly Tech Talks, sessions for tech enthusiasts to gather and learn. 

While many are working from home, we hope our Tech Talks will help fill the long hours with useful knowledge, and provide a forum for social engagement. We think the free Kinetica deep dives are a sweet deal, too. 

We’ll kick things off today with Getting the GISt of Kinetica, an overview of Kinetica location intelligence support for geospatial newbies. The talk will cover: 

  • The basics of working with geospatial data at scale
  • How to blend geospatial data with other kinds of analytics in Kinetica
  • A demo of Kinetica’s location intelligence capabilities

Included here is the schedule of our upcoming talks. We’ll be thrilled to have you register and join us!

Andrew Wooler, Business Development, Kinetica

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