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Kinetica Live Melbourne is Tuesday 22 October

Kinetica Live Melbourne is already around the corner. Executives focused on data analytics strategies are coming together for Kinetica Live at the Sofitel on Collins on 22 October to delve into their business challenges and potential solutions, active analytics platform and roadmap, as well as Q&A and data-driven discussion. 

We’ll be covering a lot in a packed half day, with speakers, panel discussion, and case studies. There’s been a lot of concern about active analytics readiness in-country, and this timely gathering will aim to nail down best practices for adopting an active analytics approach. We expect senior executives to walk away with next steps that will allow their businesses to combine and analyze billions of live and historical data points continuously and automatically, to shape their business decisions instantly.

Kinetica Live Jakarta last month was oversubscribed, so please don’t miss the opportunity to sign up for this event while space remains! To be successfully data-driven, active analytics can’t wait, and the discussion is happening now. It would be our pleasure to have you join us there. 

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