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Kinetica is Live in Australia and New Zealand

We’re live in Australia and New Zealand! Last week we launched in the ANZ market and hosted our first Kinetica Live in Melbourne. Driven by triple-digit growth in Asia Pacific and Japan, ANZ is the next evolution for us and we’re very excited by the interest in active analytics we’re seeing in the region. ANZ organizations understand the value of their data and are demanding new solutions that can handle the speed, scale, and complexity of data generated by IoT, AI, and 5G. That’s exactly where active analytical applications can help. Check out our press release to learn more: Kinetica Accelerates Global Expansion In Australia & New Zealand in Response to Strong Market Demand

“Government agencies and enterprises across Australia and New Zealand are primed for applying active analytics. The region has more than its share of nimble early adopters ready to use NVIDIA GPUs to speed business growth and optimize efficiency. We are already taking on the massive, transformative shift from passive analytics to active data analytics with our regional customers, from autonomous vehicle use cases to speeding pharmaceutical research to network optimization and retail personalization, and our expanded presence in region will contribute significantly to this effort.” Paul Appleby, CEO, Kinetica

As part of our launch in ANZ, we hosted Kinetica Live Melbourne, an event that brought together business executives and technologists from some of Australia’s top organizations to explore the power of active analytics.

A few of the highlights from the ½ day event:

Stuart Fisher, our President of APJ, welcomed the capacity crowd to the first Kinetica Live in the region. With every major industry in attendance, Stuart highlighted the importance of active analytics in accelerating digital transformation and maintaining a competitive edge.

Our CEO Paul Appleby then took the stage to discuss the evolution of analytics and why organizations need to shift from a passive to an active analytics approach to keep up with the pace of digital transformation. Paul shared customer examples of active analytics in action at some of the world’s largest enterprises and urged the crowd to consider how they can turn their data into a valuable asset that powers the business.

Building off of Paul’s comments on the transformative power of active analytics, Peter Williams, chief edge officer at the Centre for the Edge AU, who delivered a dynamic keynote on innovation and what it really means for the enterprise. He encouraged organizations to move faster to adopt new technologies and drive change through experimentation and pilot programs. 

So how can your organization really spark this transformation in analytics? Our chief product officer, Irina Farooq, led a deep dive on the Kinetica platform, covering how we converge streaming, historical, and location analytics with machine learning to power active analytical applications. Irina shared examples and demos of active analytics in action for industries including telecommunications, oil and gas, and financial services, showing how our platform is helping major enterprises accelerate their digital transformation.

We closed the day with an industry panel with executives from NVIDIA, Deloitte, and Oracle Cloud. They offered a great variety of perspectives on the changing role of data, analytics, and AI in the enterprise. We’re thrilled to continue to work with our global ecosystem of partners to help bring active analytics to more organizations.

Thank you to all who made Kinetica Live a great success! If you’d like to meet with our ANZ team and start exploring what active analytics can do for your organization, please get in touch!

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Ken Wattana is a Sr. Marketing Manager at Kinetica.

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