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Kinetica Active Analytics on Oracle Cloud Tackles Extreme Data Challenges

This post was originally published on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blog

As the forces of 5G, AI, and IoT drive digital transformation around the world, they’re also generating massive amounts of complex, fast moving data. Organizations are looking for new solutions to tackle this extreme data challenge. That’s where the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can help. Our GPU-accelerated data platform combines streaming, historical, and location analytics with machine learning to enable enterprises to build smart analytical applications that react instantly to data and make AI powered decisions. For Kinetica, Oracle’s deep expertise in building enterprise grade data infrastructure, made OCI a natural choice to partner with as we work to help more organizations realize the active analytics advantage. OCI offers tremendous value for customers who want to run in the cloud with world-class GPU instances that deliver power, performance, and scalability at a lower cost.

You can easily deploy Kinetica on OCI to unlock the power of our distributed, in-memory GPU-accelerated database that utilizes the full processing power of CPUs and GPUs to analyze massive, complex datasets with millisecond response times. Run OLAP database queries against massive data sets on Kinetica while simultaneously ingesting high volumes of streaming data, visualizing geospatial information, and running ML training and inferencing. Kinetica also offers APIs and connectors to make it easy to build custom active analytical applications that solve your unique data and business challenges.

Deploy Easily from Oracle Cloud Marketplace

As a Silver level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), Kinetica is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for easy deployment with this Quickstart guide

Our Kafka Connector has also achieved Integrated with Oracle Cloud status. You can consume the Kafka Connector by bringing your own Kinetica license, and then deploy and integrate OCI Streaming service (Kafka compatibility) with Kinetica. Customers can also connect their ATP and ADW instances to Kinetica using ODBC and JDBC connectors and use Kinetica as a unified analytics solution on OCI, for both historical and streaming data. Kinetica is also integrated with Oracle Analytics Cloud and can help accelerate business applications for new insights. 

Innovative Data-Powered Customer Use Cases

Kinetica is working with global enterprises to help address their extreme data challenges. Businesses and governments are finding Kinetica can not only solve traditional big data use cases but also enable them to develop new innovative data powered applications.

For example, Kinetica is:

  • Helping a major telco accelerate their network optimization calculations for 5G rollout so they can get answers in minutes instead of years.
  • Powering continuous portfolio risk analysis for a major bank to provide a better understanding of risk exposure instead of calculating risk once or twice a day.
  • Ensuring that one of the world’s largest retailers is never out of stock by analyzing continuous streaming inventory data from thousands of stores and enabling the retailer to dynamically adjust their supply chain to meet demand.
  • Putting analytics in the car for a major automaker, enabling edge analytics that runs instantly on vehicle data to develop new services like a dynamic, personalized driver experience.
  • Enabling an oil exploration company to go from visualizing nine million data points in 2D to visualizing and analyzing 90 billion data points to create a 3D model of the earth’s crust to accelerate resource discovery.

We’re excited to work with Oracle to offer a trusted solution for deployment in the cloud. The combination of Kinetica’s technology and OCI is an important step towards democratizing access to active analytics. I encourage you to download a free trial of our platform to experience the power of our platform for yourself. 

If you’re headed to OpenWorld, visit us at booth OCI-P3 in the Oracle Cloud and Autonomous Showcase for live demos and discussion. In addition, you can join us in our Theater Session in Moscone South on GPU-Accelerated Active Analytics. We’d love to share more about how you can run Kinetica on OCI and explore how GPU-accelerated active analytics can make a difference for your business.

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Samm DiStasio serves as the VP of Business Development for Kinetica. Samm started at Kinetica in November of 2018. Samm is currently based in the Greater Seattle Area.

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