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The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform – What’s New

Earlier today we announced a new version of the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform – our next generation platform for building smart analytical applications at scale.

Enterprises across industries are using the platform to power key digital transformation initiatives. For example, OVO uses Kinetica to power real-time marketing campaigns, GSK leverages Kinetica to bring new medicines to market faster, and Softbank uses Kinetica to improve network optimization. They are just starting their active analytics journeys and we cannot wait to see what they do next!

Kinetica is laser focused on helping the world’s largest organizations with their extreme data challenges. Our new platform unites the key elements of active analytics: historical analytics, streaming analytics, graph analytics, location intelligence, and machine learning-powered analytics. Below are a few release highlights:

KAgent – Cloud Ready Deployment and Automation

  • KAgent is an installation and configuration management tool for deploying Kinetica on premises or in the cloud, with the high availability, elasticity, and scalability required by the most demanding enterprises. KAgent enables point and click deployment across on-premises or public cloud infrastructure. We’ve also introduced Kubernetes interoperability for easy container-based deployment and management. You can easily scale deployments up and down with no downtime, at the push of a button, an API call, or via auto-scaling rules.



Tiered Storage – Active Analytics at Massive Scale

  • Tiered storage dramatically expands the scale of analytics performed by Kinetica. With tiered storage, Kinetica can now operate on the entire data corpus by intelligently managing data across GPU memory, system memory, disk / SSD, HDFS, and cloud storage like S3 for optimal performance.  The total data capacity available for querying is limited only by the lowest HDFS/S3 tier.



Graph Analytics – Accelerated Analytics on Network Graphs

  • The addition of graph capabilities to our suite of analytics tools enables you to seamlessly use your relational data in a native graph context for understanding geospatial and non-geospatial relationships. Furthermore, Kinetica comes with a pre-packaged library of GPU-accelerated algorithms (a.k.a. solvers), that enable you to perform complex computations like real-time route optimization and social network analysis at unprecedented scale, on streaming and historical data, without having to move data to a separate system.



Active Analytics Workbench – Incorporate ML into your Analytical Applications

  • Our new Active Analytics Workbench enables you to seamlessly integrate algorithms and ML models into your active analytical apps. With a bring-your-own-algorithm approach, Kinetica enables you to take the models developed by your data scientists, import them as a container, and then integrate them into your analytical applications in a batch, continuous or on-demand fashion. By unifying the traditionally siloed workflows of analytics and model execution, Kinetica dramatically simplifies data engineering and active analytical application development.



If you’ve read this far down, you probably realize the significance of this release. None of this would be possible without the incredible work of our engineering and product teams. We’ve put together a series of video shorts so you can hear our product leaders explain in their own words why this new version is so exciting.

Interested in a deeper dive on what’s new in the platform? Register for our upcoming webinar to learn more.


Irina is chief product officer at Kinetica. You can follow her on Twitter @IrinaFarooq

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