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How Kinetica Is Bringing Vectorized Computing to the Enterprise with NVIDIA EGX

Vectorized processing, the ability to compute in parallel at the data level, has initiated a new era of big data analytics. Over the past decade this emerging computing paradigm has been adopted largely by leading internet companies and federal agencies. Kinetica is proud to be part of the NVIDIA EGX enterprise platform ecosystem that is helping vectorized parallelism break out of its complex confines to better fit into the standards of mainstream enterprises.

NVIDIA EGX enables enterprises to tap into a diverse set of accelerated applications, including big data analytics, visualization at scale, real-time entity tracking, and simulation. The GPU Accelerated Applications Catalog lists hundreds of accelerated applications that have been optimized to be deployed on any GPU-powered on-prem, cloud, and edge system.  Through deep engineering integration, Kinetica provides an easy SQL-based abstraction layer so that users of all skills can benefit from the hardware and software innovations from NVIDIA. 

Kinetica is able to deliver real-time contextual analysis, even on the extreme volumes and velocities of IoT data, by leveraging the parallel processing power of NVIDIA Ampere architecture-based GPUs. The ability that Kinetica delivers to simultaneously ingest and analyze your data is crucial in the era of connected devices that often communicate and work autonomously, and where the value of data is quickly perishable. NVIDIA EGX enables trillions of these devices to be continuously operated by AI or enterprise applications built on platforms like Kinetica. By leveraging vectorized computing on NVIDIA EGX, data-driven organizations can rapidly improve performance, time to insight, and ROI for existing and new data-intensive applications.

Kinetica utilizes the high-performance and flexible Dell EMC PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure platform to support high-ingest and processing requirements. PowerFlex provides highly resilient, scalable, and persistent storage, while providing broad GPU and CPU options to optimize customer-specific scenarios. Additionally, PowerFlex offers extreme flexibility in terms of infrastructure architecture as well as support for operating environments to suit the precise customer needs.

Kinetica and NVIDIA share a vision to democratize the power of accelerated computing for big data analytics by leveraging a range of optimized hardware in a manner that is easy to deploy and manage. Kinetica, with the NVIDIA EGX platform, reduces risk and complexity so that enterprises can reap the benefits of a new era of parallelism.

Andrew Wooler is global marketing manager at Kinetica.

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