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Getting to Know the Automotive Grade Linux Community at AGL Dresden

Last week Kinetica took a trip to our first Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) All Members Meeting in Dresden! This follows our announcement in August that we’re now members of the Linux Foundation and AGL. The conference was a great opportunity to connect with the AGL community, including organizations like Toyota, Denso, Renesas, Amazon Alexa Automotive, and Nuance.

Dan Cauchy, General Manager of Automotive at the Linux Foundation, kicked off the meeting with some details on the state of AGL today. There were over 150 people registered for the meeting, hailing from 53 companies and 19 different countries. In 2018, AGL welcomed 25 new members, bringing the group’s membership to 132 companies, with more growth projected.

Matt showing off Kickbox.js at our booth.

As a code-first organization, AGL is dedicated to building an open software platform for the the automotive industry to decrease time to market of new applications, reduce fragmentation of software, and drive rapid innovation on top of AGL. Auto manufacturers are typically highly competitive and protective of their trade secrets, so AGL is an impressive breakthrough in fostering newfound collaboration on open source software. The contributions to the AGL code base have come from all parts of the ecosystem, from OEMs to suppliers and technology partners.

One of the keynotes at the Member Meeting came from our very own Matt Brown, Product Manager at Kinetica. Matt spoke on “Using Data to Fuel the Automotive Revolution,” and explained how asset-based auto companies can transform into companies that are driven by data. His keynote touched on the changing role of data in the automotive ecosystem, new solutions required to deal with massive volumes of data, and the great potential of in-car analytics. Matt also shared Kickbox.js, the open source code acceleration library for Kinetica and Mapbox, which is our first code contribution to AGL. It was an excellent opportunity to introduce Kinetica to the community and we’re grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received!

In conversations with AGL members throughout the conference, it’s clear that Kinetica’s role as a provider of real-time streaming analytics coupled with location intelligence and machine learning is something that’s missing from the AGL stack. We’re looking forward to exploring the possibilities and use cases for advanced, GPU-accelerated analytics in the car. Get in touch if you’re interested in learning more. We’re excited to start collaborating with other partners in the community!

Watch this demo to see Kinetica in action for a self-driving car use case.

Read the blog to learn more about our recent membership in AGL.

Ken Wattana is Sr. Partner Marketing Manager at Kinetica. You can follow him on Twitter @KenWattana.

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