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Active Analytics Arrives at NVIDIA GTC Silicon Valley

GPUs, AI, ML, oh my! What a week we had at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose! From major announcements with NVIDIA to the launch of the world’s first GPU-accelerated pedicabs (did you catch a ride?) there’s a lot to recap. NVIDIA once again put on a show as thousands came from around the world to hear about the latest developments in GPU technology that’s powering autonomous robots, self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence, hyper realistic graphics, and much more.

Things kicked off with NVIDIA CEO’s Jensen Huang’s keynote. Our pedicabs let attendees zoom to and from the venue at the speed of a GPU and were a huge hit with the crowd!



The keynote covered a wide variety of topics from graphics to gaming and deep learning. We were proud to be featured in two of the announcements: the release of new NVIDIA powered enterprise servers for data science as well as the new Data Science Workstations (DSWS). You can read more about the news below and learn how the new hardware works with our GPU-accelerated Active Analytics Platform.

  • Global Computer Companies Announce NVIDIA-Powered Enterprise Servers Optimized for Data Science
    • “NVIDIA and Kinetica have enabled us to do the impossible — render a high-fidelity 3D view of an oil basin using 100 billion data points at scale. The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform and NVIDIA T4-powered servers bring together active analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver a radically more efficient way to develop oil fields by utilizing subsurface models generated and rendered at high resolution. The combined solution provides revolutionary performance at scale, accelerating the output of our data scientists and geo scientists to run GPU-accelerated models that make spatial and economic predictions faster for the most capital-efficient recovery of resources out of the basin.” Sanjay Paranji, CTO at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
      • You might have seen our demo showing how Anadarko leverages Kinetica on the new T4 servers together with RAPIDS at the NVIDIA booth
    • “Active analytics is the backbone of the data-driven Fourth Industrial Revolution. With new NVIDIA T4-powered servers, our customers have a radically more efficient way to GPU-accelerate data workloads to keep pace with extreme velocity from an infinite set of streaming data sources, from wearables to cars, smart devices to connected infrastructure. In short, NVIDIA and Kinetica help companies, cities and societies manage the make-or-break shift from using data as a passive asset to glean insights into using data as an active asset that can help them react immediately.” – Paul Appleby, CEO at Kinetica
  • NVIDIA Introduces New Breed of High-Performance Workstations for Millions of Data Scientists
    • “Active analytics require continuous analysis of streaming and historical data, location analysis and machine learning-powered analytics. The combination of the NVIDIA-powered Data Science Workstation, RAPIDS and Kinetica will enable our customers to unify the traditionally siloed workflows of analytics and machine learning, simplifying data engineering and making active analytical application development a reality.” – Irina Farooq, Chief Product Officer at Kinetica
      • We partnered with Lenovo to demo Kinetica on a DSWS at their booth, showing how you can run Kinetica on a DSWS provided by any NVIDIA certified vendor

We also had several presentations throughout GTC. First, our co-founder and president, Amit Vij, joined Ingrid Tobar, Sr. Data Scientist at Anadarko, for her session “From Deep Learning to Next-Gen Visualization: A GPU-Powered Digital Transformation”. They shared how Anadarko is using Kinetica to accelerate oil exploration and showed how Anadarko was able to go from visualizing 9 million data points to over 90 billion data points in 3D to more accurately find and extract oil. This would be impossible without leveraging the power of active analytics and NVIDIA GPUs. You can watch a replay of their presentation here.

Interested in learning more about our solutions for oil and gas? Visit our solutions page.

We were also honored to be invited to NVIDIA’s annual AI Day for VCs. We presented alongside 7 other top AI startups and our CEO Paul Appleby and our CPO Irina Farooq took to the stage to share the Kinetica story in a short pitch to an audience of venture capitalists, industry leaders, and media.



We rounded out our sessions with a presentation by Irina on “Smart Active Analytical Applications, the Shift from Passive to Active Analytics”. Irina detailed how global enterprises need to move from passive analytics, in which analytics are delayed by batch processes and static dashboards, to a dynamic, continuous analysis of data called active analytics. She showed several demos of active analytics in action including for accelerated oil exploration, risk management for financial services, network optimization for telecommunications, and streaming data analysis for a smart city. This highlighted how Kinetica brings together historical, streaming, and graph analytics, location intelligence, and machine learning to create powerful, active analytical applications for some of the world’s largest organizations. Check out the replay here.

We had great conversations at our booth throughout GTC and really enjoyed sharing more about our active analytics platform. We hope you enjoyed checking out our industry demos and had a chance to grab one of our cool new “Get Active” shirts or Kinetica hats! A huge thank you to all our partners that invited us to share a joint solution with the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform at their booths. Not only did we have demos with NVIDIA and Lenovo, we also showcased our smart city demo at the Oracle Cloud booth. It’s great to work with the ecosystem that’s working to promote the power of the GPU! Of course, a big thank you is also in order to NVIDIA for putting on an awesome show and lending us a DGX-2 to show off at our booth. Now that’s an impressive piece of hardware. We can’t wait until next year!



Finally, we couldn’t do it without our awesome team of Kineticans. If you want to be a part of the biggest thing since big data, check out our careers page!



  • Interested in learning more about the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform? Check out this video.
  • Visit our partner page to learn more about how we work with NVIDIA

Ken is a Sr. Marketing Manager at Kinetica. You can follow him on Twitter @KenWattana

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