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Why Kinetica Active Analytics Matters

In the Extreme Data Economy, your business needs to analyze and react to data simultaneously, in real time: a process called active analytics. It requires continuous analysis of streaming and historical data, location analysis, and predictive analytics using AI and machine learning.

Impossible to analyze streaming and historical data simultaneously, at scale

Difficult to incorporate location intelligence into applications

Hard to integrate machine learning into production applications

Complicated to stitch together a mix of different technologies that weren’t designed for active analytics

Businesses implementing active analytics encounter several challenges:

The solution is an active analytics platform.

See how the Kinetica Active Analytics Platform lets you combine and analyze billions of live and historical data points continuously and automatically, to shape your decisions instantly.

Active analytics takes place continuously as data changes.

It constantly runs and updates in real time, directing other systems based on its results. Active analytics lets you build custom applications for real-time business decisions, in the context of historical information, using machine-learning and AI for predictive analysis.

Active analytics is key to digital transformation.

The few businesses doing it successfully spent years building custom, in-house platforms. Good news is, for everyone else there’s Kinetica. Use Kinetica Active Analytics to build smart, analytical applications that give you the competitive advantage.

The Kinetica Active Analytics Platform